By raquel | October 13, 2009

Two weeks ago I asked if the economy had you feeling like you have no control over your business.

Have things turned around? Have your sales increased, or are they worse?

Even if business is up, I bet that three tips from Shirley George Frazier will jump start even more success.

1. Offer a bonus item, not a discount, with your best-selling product or service. You’ll get additional sales with minimum effort and still give away something of value.

2. Tap into social media to learn how other business owners plan their success strategies. Why re-invent the wheel when ideas are available online free of charge?

3. Take your best local client to lunch. This person is your best resource for information to sell more to like-minded people

These three tips are just a sample taken from her Gift Basket CD Success Pack. If you’re in the gift basket business or any business where marketing is a key component of sales, this 6-CD set is for you.

Check it out by clicking the following link, and order your copy today.
Gift Basket CD Success Pack

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New Uncook Cookbook for Kids

By raquel | September 23, 2009

My friends over at have done it again. Now together with the help of some adorable kids they have come up with a great new cookbook for kids. Recipes include Cherry Banana Ice cream, Froggy Delight Green Smoothie, and mini burritos.
Feel free to go grab your copy by clicking here

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Why is it so Important to Raise Healthy and Fit Kids

By raquel | September 3, 2009

If these statistics don’t make you stop in your tracks and think about the things that we are feeding our kids, I don’t know what will.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 percent of children (over 9 million) 6-19 years old are overweight or obese — a number that has tripled since 1980. In addition to the 16 percent of children and teens ages 6 to 19 who were overweight in 1999-2002, another 15 percent were considered at risk of becoming overweight. (”Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Children and Adolescents: United States, 1999-2002″; Oct. 6, 2004)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over the past three decades the childhood obesity rate has more than doubled for preschool children aged 2-5 years and adolescents aged 12-19 years, and it has more than tripled for children aged 6-11 years. (”Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Children and Adolescents: United States, 1999-2002″; Oct. 6, 2004)

Overweight adolescents have a 70 percent chance of becoming overweight or obese adults. This increases to 80 percent if one or more parent is overweight or obese. (United States Department of Health and Human Services)

Those numbers are staggering but in a way not really surprising. Look at all the fast food joints, junk-food, soda pop, etc that is stocked in super markets, gas stations, etc. Even schools provide access to junk, at least the ones in this area do. Back to the fast food for a minute, and actually it’s not just fast food chains it’s restaurants too, have you seen the size of their meals? They provide enough food in one serving for two people!

So what do all these statistics have to do with our children? Well it’s up to us to teach them good eating habits and exercise. The old saying children learn what they live is so true. It’s not a bad thing that we have to be role models for our children in all areas including healthy eating and exercising. It just might force us to get healthy as well! Make this a family affair. Take walks together, ride bikes, etc. At the grocery store let the kids help you pick out fruits and veggies! And you can get more ideas and information by picking up your copy of Mom’s Talk eBooks Guide to Raising Healthy and Fit Kids

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9 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Groceries

By raquel | July 17, 2009

It never fails, we budget for our groceries, but the bill always ends up being more. We underestimate, run out of things faster than expected and overall, everything is becoming just too darned expensive! To make things a little bit easier, here are 9 simple ways you can start saving money on your groceries.

1. Go with a List: Yes, I know its a pretty obvious suggestion, but its amazing how effective it can be. You can purchase only what you need and avoid all the other yummy distractions of the grocery store.

2. Meal Planning: Planning your meals in advance makes it easier to get your list together and ensure you buy only exactly what you need. You can get help with your meal planning at Dine Without Whine AND they actually put your grocery list together for you too.

3. Eat Before You Go: Another classic tip. If youre hungry, youll want to buy (and instantly eat) everything! Have a meal or good snack before you go to avoid impulse purchases.

4. Stock Up on Staple Items When Theyre On Sale: If you see ketchup or your family’s favorite sauce on sale, stock up. Or if it’s a certain type of soup or frozen vegetable your family eats all the time, buy a bunch of it. As long as it doesn’t spoil and you have space to store it, you will save money in the long run. The nice thing about this is if you continue to stock up on a variety of items, you’ll have a nice pantry full of food at any given time.

5. Cook from Scratch More Often: Yeah, yeah…it sounds easier said than done, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated. It’s no secret that pre-packaged items and convenience foods come at a premium price. They save you time in preparation, but they eat up your budget and let’s face it, time IS money. Plus, if you’re using Tip #2 and planning your meals, cooking from scratch more often is a whole lot easier.

6. Comparison Shop Before You Leave Home: No, I’m definitely not suggesting you go from store-to-store looking for the best deal. That takes too much time. Check the flyers that come to your door and see who is offering the best deals on what you actually need. If you don’t have any flyers at your door, visit the store website as they generally post flyers online.

7. Use Coupons Sparingly: Sure, coupons offer a great deal, but most coupons you’ll find are for items you don’t really need or use. Resist the urge to think, “Wow, that’s a good deal” and search for coupons based on items you need to purchase instead.

8. Keep the Little Ones At Home: If you have young children that want everything that they see, it’s easy to get into the trap of buying items you don’t need, treats that aren’t healthy and become victim to other grocery store distractions. Keep the kids at home with Daddy (it’s a good bonding opportunity) or a relative. You can even swap grocery store shopping times with your neighbor. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save your sanity too!

9. Make Quick Stops for Fresh Ingredients: This may not be easy if you’re on a tight schedule, but if you can work it in, it can save you a bundle. One of the biggest culprits in grocery budgets gone bad is spoiled food. If your fruits, veggies and other perishable items are always going bad, consider shopping for them more frequently, but in smaller quantities and restrain yourself from buying items you don’t need. If you have any teenaged kids, this would be a great chore for them too.

There you go – 9 ways to save on groceries. But in order to make these tips work, you really need to have a plan in place. You need to know what your family needs and what you’ll be eating. To make your meal planning a whole lot easier, sign up for you 1 ¢ no-risk trial at Dine Without Whine. You and your grocery budget will be glad you did.

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24 Reasons to Gather Around the Dinner Table

By raquel | July 14, 2009

24 Reasons to Gather Around the Dinner Table

How often does your family have dinner together? If you’re like most families nowadays, the answer is probably, “Not very often.”

It’s understandable. Modern families are busy. Both parents work and sometimes get home at different times. Children have activities to go to, and Mom’s got to drive them all over the place. Really, who’s got the time and energy to even cook dinner every single night?

You, that’s who! Eating together is good for you and your family. So you better make time and find the energy to make home-cooked meals and sit down and eat together more often.

Researchers have found many benefits to home-cooked meals. Watch this video to learn about some of them. In my own experience, though, there are many more. Here are 24 reasons I have found to share family meals more often:

1. Families who eat together eat healthier, because home-cooked food is healthier than fast food.

2. Family meals allow busy families to catch up with each other.

3. Young children learn a lot of verbal skills just by eating with their family members.

4. It gives everyone a chance to unwind after a busy day.

5. Having family meals more often forces you to end your working day and other obligations in time for dinner.

6. Home cooked meals are not only healthier, they’re also cheaper than takeout food or eating out.

7. Eating together forces everybody to tell stories.

8. Cooking at home motivates you to be creative with your meal planning and cooking.

9. Children can get involved in cooking meals.

10. Cooking and eating together creates happy childhood memories.

11. Eating together is an opportunity to explore different cuisines.

12. Eating with your family is more fun than eating in front of the television (or the computer).

13. Eating together gives parents a chance to talk about current events from their point of view, injecting their personal values without giving a lecture.

14. Eating together helps family members bond and get to know each other better.

15. You’ll be surprised what your kids reveal when you’re in a relaxed environment, such as a family meal.

16. Kids are less likely to roll their eyes when you reminisce and tell stories from your childhood while eating a meal together.

17. Family meals can be good teaching moments, even for small children. My toddler learned how to count by counting after-meal treats on his high chair.

18. Eating together is a good opportunity to teach and model good manners.

19. Family meals give a good transition from work or school to home life.

20. Family meals are also good times to share music together.

21. Family meals teach everyone valuable life skills, such as sharing and taking turns.

22. Stopping and sitting down to a meal gives everyone a chance to quiet down and regroup.

23. Family meals provide an additional occasion for family members to pray together.

24. Eating home is more eco-friendly than eating out or ordering food - less waste!

If you think having family meals is too much work, don’t despair. You can get help for everything from meal planning to putting your weekly grocery shopping list together. Check out Dine Without Whine for kid-tested, quick recipes that will help you put together family meals with less effort. Dine Without Whine’s weekly shopping lists will also help you get food shopping done much faster, and even save money on groceries.

As you can see from the list above, the extra time and effort you spend to have family meals more often are worthwhile.

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10 Reasons to Have Family Meals More Often

By raquel | June 9, 2009

10 Reasons to Have Family Meals More Often

When was the last time your family had a meal together? I don’t mean sitting in the car munching on burgers from the drive-through. I mean sitting down at the table and sharing a home-cooked meal.

If you can’t remember when you last enjoyed a family dinner, make plans to have them more often. Experts have found – and continue to discover - plenty of benefits for both children and adults when families have dinner together at least three times a week.

I know…I know, it’s not always easy, so href="">click here if you need help with meal planning and grocery shopping.

Here are 10 reasons why you should have family meals more often:

Good For The Body
1. When families eat together, everyone tends to eat healthier. People who have frequent family meals consume more calcium, fiber, iron, and vitamins B6, B12, C and E. It could be because home-cooked meals are healthier than fast food and restaurant meals. (Source: Archives of Family Medicine)

2. Children tend to eat more fruits and vegetables when they frequently have dinner with their families. They also tend to eat fewer snack foods. (Source: American Dietetic Association)

3. Children in families who eat dinner together are less likely to be overweight (Source: Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine). This makes sense, given the findings in #1 and #2 above.

Good For The Brain
4. Children from families who eat meals together get better grades than their peers who don’t have lots of family meal times (Source: Lou Harris-Reader’s Digest National Poll).
So family dinners are not only good for the body; they’re also good for the brain.

5. When families eat together frequently, children have better language skills compared to kids from families who don’t have family mealtimes often. (Source: Harvard

Good For Emotional Health
6. Children of families who eat together report feeling happier and are more optimistic about the future, than their peers who have infrequent family meals. (Source: Lou Harris-
Reader’s Digest National Poll)

7. Teenagers are less likely to use drugs, smoke, and drink alcoholic drinks, when their families eat together regularly. (Source: Columbia University)

8. It may come as a surprise, but among Moms who work outside the home, those who have family mealtimes reported feeling less stress than those who had family dinners less
often. (Source: Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal)

9. The more often teen girls had meals with their families, the less likely they were to have symptoms of depression and suicidal behaviors. (Source: University of Minnesota)

Good For Family Bonding
10. Eating together gives family members the chance to communicate and build relationships, something that both adults and children appreciate very much. (Source: Nutrition Education Network of Washington & Oprah Winfrey’s “Family Dinner Experiment”)

I hope these reasons motivate you and your family to try and eat together more often. We’re all busy - even children have plenty of after-school activities. But as the list above
shows, family meals are worth every effort we put into them. It helps to plan ahead so that we’re not scrambling to get dinner ready or panicking because we don’t have all the
ingredients we need.

To make it easier to get the family around the table with a home-cooked meal, check out href="">Dine
Without Whine’s menu planning service. It costs just a penny to try it out!

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Top 10 Reasons Why The Mom Market Rocks

By raquel | June 2, 2009

Did you know that companies are spending billions of dollars every year marketing their products to Moms? If you’re in the Mom market yourself, you know you’re in the right place. If not, then why aren’t you?

Services like Mom PLR eBooks make it easy for you to tap into this market, too. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room, as you’ll see in our Top 10 reasons why the Mom market rocks:

1. Moms make up a huge market. There are over 80 million Moms in the United States, with 1.4 million new Moms giving birth for the first time every year (US Census).

2. Moms send a lot of money. Moms spend $1.3 trillion every year (Marketing to Moms by Maria T. Bailey, 2002). Have I mentioned the Mom market is huge?

3. Moms make a lot of buying decisions for their homes and families. Moms account for about 50% of spending on consumer electronics, food, health and beauty aids, home furnishings, and clothing (MRI, 2004). If you’re still looking for products to promote to the Mommy market, let this guide you.

4. Moms are web savvy. About 70% of Moms surveyed say they use the Internet to research before buying products (Marketing to Moms, 2002).

5. Moms like to shop online. The majority of Moms say they buy products online (Marketing to Moms, 2002). I told you, you’re in the right place. Internet marketing is the way to go!

6. Moms read their Email. Moms check their Email messages all day long (Lucid Marketing & BSM Media). Whoever said Email marketing was dead, was wrong.

7. Moms take Email messages to heart. 71% of Moms say their buying decisions are influenced by Email messages (Lucid Marketing & BSM Media). Not only do Moms read your Emails, they act on them, too.

8. Moms make things go viral. 80% of Moms say they forward useful Emails to their friends (Lucid Marketing & BSM Media 2004). So make your Emails useful!

9. Moms buy, not only for their spouses/partners and children, but for their parents as well. Up to 40% of Moms reportedly are involved in purchases for their aging parents (Marketing to Moms Coalition, 2007). This is a wonderful insight - let’s remember that Moms are somebody’s children, too.

10. Moms rely on their communities or tribes. 64% of Moms say the recommendations of others influence purchases they make for their home (Marketing to Moms, 2002).

Moms are the chief financial officers of their homes (and many have their own businesses as well). They buy a lot of stuff, both online and offline. They rely on other people to make up their minds about what to buy, and they appreciate getting really useful information that makes their lives easier.

What’s the take-away lesson for marketers here? You better be marketing to Moms and you better be doing it properly. Moms are craving useful information - are you providing it? Moms PLR eBooks can help you give Moms the content that they’re looking for online. You’ll get high-quality content written just for Moms, to use in your websites, infoproducts, Emails and more. Use coupon code “momsrule” (without quotation marks) to get $10 off your first month of membership.

Give Moms content and products they love and they’ll spread the word for you. Moms ROCK!

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Achieving Success in Your Scrapbook Business

By raquel | February 21, 2009

A successful scrapbook business has many parts but it always begins with the understanding of why you do it. As an entrepreneur you should also understand the people you serve, their struggles, and the difference that your business will bring to their lives.

If you want profit to consistently flow to your business, follow these tips:

• Make it clear to everybody what your business is about and why you are doing it. Everything and everyone has a certain purpose. As an entrepreneur, you’re considered an “unique” individual. If you can clarify this to yourself, you will feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm. This will attract more prospective clients. Everything you do is like a magnet that attracts energy.

• Establish your market. You should have an exact target for your products or services. You should know the needs and wants of your customers so that you can meet them with your own product or service and stand out from your competitors.

• Make use of every marketing material that you have to craft a significant message to your customers. You should communicate with them honestly and authentically. Everything you do should be rooted in truthfulness and reliability. By doing this, you will attract more clients. With your energy, people will be drawn to you.

• Some entrepreneurs fail because of doubt and fear. They hesitate to take some risks involved in the business. They doubt their abilities and skills. This is a barrier that you should be able to knock down otherwise clients will shy away from you. Don’t let doubt and fear creep in!

• Organize your schedule. Prioritize your business obligations and responsibilities at the right time and in the right order. You have to manage your time effectively. If you can develop and master this skill, it will mean more clients and definitely, more money.

• You have to have the right system for your business so that you can also have time away from work and be able to generate new ideas for other business ventures. You must have a system for your business operations, marketing, and offerings.

• Change is the only “sure” thing in this world. You have to adjust your business ideas according to these changes. See if the products or services you offer are still in demand.

By following these tips, you will achieve success in your scrapbook business. Being an entrepreneur will surely give you more money than what you’ve ever imagined as long as you do the necessary steps.

Want more ways to achieve success in your scrapbook business? Want your scrapbook business questions answered? Dawn Stegall is dedicated to helping you achieve your scrapbook business dreams. Visit for more information on achieving scrapbook business success!

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Struggling with Debt?

By raquel | January 20, 2009

Learn The Secret to Finally Paying Debt Quickly

If you’ve struggled with debt for any amount of time, you know how it can feel like you’re in a big black hole, you just can’t seem to dig yourself out of. Balances never seem to go down and you need to keep tapping into credit cards just to make ends meet.

There is plenty of debt advice out there and you may have tried things like debt consolidation, making large payments to your debts to try to pay them faster and other methods that just don’t seem to work. Things just keep getting more and more difficult to manage.

But it really doesn’t have to be that way…

If you’ve been able to keep up with your minimum monthly payments until now, there is a solution for you. And it’s remarkably simple if you follow the appropriate steps laid out for you.

I’m talking about the “Pay Debt Quickly Kit” that shows you how to:

- Pay debt off faster without having to make any large payments.

- Get what you want from your creditors to pay off your debt faster and even improve your credit score.

- Make drastic changes in the way you think about and handle money without feeling like you’re deprived in any way.

The kit includes everything you need to get to debt-free faster. From software that helps you quickly and easily calculate your precise debt-free dates to strategies to take control of your finances and even work with your creditors so that you benefit, instead of them – this kit has what you need to eliminate your debt.

Learn more & get debt-free at:

Everything is available for instant download and you don’t have to wait for anything to come in the mail. That means you can start sleeping better and stop worrying about your debt, starting RIGHT NOW.

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Make 2009 The Year You Make Money Online

By raquel | January 2, 2009

Becoming a mom - it’s the most life-changing event we go through. Our children become the center of our lives, and we must make adjustments to in our schedules and priorities make sure they’re cared for. Instead of hiring nannies or using day care services, more and more moms are choosing to start their own online businesses so they can be there for their kids and still contribute to the family income.

This is especially true right now during the tough economic times we’re living in. Even if you’re comfortably existing on one income, you may find yourself on no income soon enough if your husband gets laid off, downsized, rightsized, outsourced or whatever they’re calling it these days. Do you have the recommended 6 months’ living expenses tucked away in savings in preparation for this event?

Statistics show many of us do not. This is all the more reason for mom to look for ways to make money online before the disaster strikes.

Starting an online business has a number of advantages for moms. These include:

* Start-up costs can be kept low. So even if you are not currently working outside the home, starting an online business is usually within reach with small adjustments to the budget. Setting up a website means acquiring a domain name and hosting space - and with tools like Wordpress available at no cost, you can literally be up and running for around $20. You will also want to invest in some education. Learning the basics of how to market your website online are not difficult, but be careful where you get your information.

The Natural Mom Business Guideis one solid source of info. It includes an ebook with detailed information about researching your target market, the various ways to make money with a website, and how to get the traffic you need to earn income. It even has video and audio tutorials as well as printable “cheat sheets” you can keep by your computer to remind you of the essential steps you need to take in your business to build traffic and make more income.

* Doing business online doesn’t require one to keep regular hours. You can work early in the morning before the kids get up, during the baby’s nap, or late at night when everyone is in bed. And with the automation that the Internet has to offer, orders can be processed and virtual products delivered while you are sleeping or taking care of the kids.

* You can get some work done with the kids right by your side. Older children may even be able to help you with simple tasks. Did you know that the IRS allows you to deduct wages (up to a certain amount) paid to a child who is age seven or older to work in your home business from your taxes? I have even trained my oldest son to add articles to my websites. He earns a nice wage for doing so, far more than an allowance, and is providing a valuable service to me.

There are all sorts of online businesses that are great for moms. You could sell your crafts or start a recipe website, or you could start a podcast. You might offer services such as writing, transcription, web design or virtual assistance to customers around the world. Or you could create and sell information products. Even blogging offers impressive money-making potential. The possibilities are many, and there’s sure to be something out there that’s just right for any mom.

Moms make up a large portion of the people who are making money online. This allows them to take a hands-on approach to raising their children while still making money to support the household. They don’t have to count on a sitter to take care of their children’s needs, and they don’t have to make a commute part of their daily routine. It’s no wonder that the number of moms starting online businesses is growing in leaps and bounds.

If you need some assistance choosing a niche, get some coaching from an experienced online marketer. Take the leap - you’ll be glad you did!

Carrie Lauth is an internet marketing mom who loves to help other
moms launch profitable websites. She created the Natural Mom
Business Guide
for women who want to market to the “natural family niche. To learn about how she can give you one-on-one coaching visit

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